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21st Century Learner

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Standards for the 21st-century learner (AASL)



Maximizing the impact: the pivotal role of technology in a 21st century

education system (ISTE, Partnership for 21st century skills, SEDTA)



The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (take a look at the impressive

list of members. Of course, the big technology companies probably have an

interest in getting their products into schools, but more so, want

students to enter into the workplace with 21st century skills). Look at

the document "Results that matter: 21st century skills and high school




Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century by David Warlick (Linworth).

The only one not for free. ISBN: 1-800-786-5017.


Texas College Readiness Standards (Texas Higher Education Board and

Commissioner of Education)



Educating the Net Generation Diana G. Oblinger and James L. Oblinger,



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